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Rose gold

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Strands of shimmering Swarovski crystal, iridescent glitter and gold detailing make up our Sparklez design! The perfect addition to any party or event. Great for birthday parties, weddings, baby showers, engagement celebrations etc. 

What do you get when you combine the prettiest shades of Rose Gold together? Beautifully blooming Sparkles for your upcoming soiree! These radiant beauties will bring ambience to your big bash in no time at all. Whether it’s a sassy little soirée or monumental wedding day celebration—our chandelier-style orbs are always the go-to way to set the mood -


5 " white balloons 16 pcs
 5 " transparent balloons 16 pcs
12" transparent balloons 8pcs
12 "rose gold sequins balloons 14pcs
18"  white balloons 3pcs 
18 " rose gold aluminum film balloons 6pcs
 5 meters balloon chain  1pcs 
100 glue dots  1pcs
rose gold  rugby  1pcs
rose gold tassel  15pcs
rose gold  rain curtain 1pcs